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Do you have land that would be perfect for honeybees but don’t really want to be a beekeeper?  You can be a bee-haver – someone who has bees on their property that a beekeeper owns and tends.  If you would like to discuss putting bee hives on your property with a beekeeper please leave a comment below.  Please include the general location and short description of your property.

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  1. Ashley Hall says:

    We would love to host bees on the small parcel of land next to our house. We are located in Ginter Park in the city.

  2. slwhite63 says:

    Ashley one of our Richmond Beekeepers should be reaching out to you soon.

  3. Andrew Gray says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t had good luck finding a class that both works with my schedule and has open slots for hte spring, but I am VERY interested in fostering a bee hive in my backyard in the Fan. Pretty soon I am going to fence it off, and start planting pollinator-friendly plants back there. Would be great to get some pollinators in there for me to learn from. – Andrew Gray

  4. Melissa Robinson says:

    Hi, my husband just saw a tv program about hive-hosting and we would like to talk with you about hosting a hive, if our property is amenable. We live on .5 acres off Brook about 5 minutes from Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

  5. Adam Daugherty says:

    I am interested in hosting hives. My family and I plant a large garden yearly, and like clockwork have pollination issues with vegetables due to the lack of honey bees in the area. The property is approximately 2 acres with a fenced in section located adjacent to rt288 and rt10. would love to learn by hosting first.

  6. diggingellen says:

    Hi I’d be interested in hosting a hive! I live in southern Highland Park. My backyard is mostly dappled shade under a willow oak and an American elm. I have some flowering plants and shrubs in the front and the back garden and would be amenable to planting more as recommended by a bee keeper. I’ve been trying to plant more natives, with mixed success.

  7. Edward Curran says:

    Hello I live in Tuckahoe and have a good sized lot with a shady backyard. I’m interested in hosting a beehive with the intention of becoming a beekeeper later on.

  8. Paul Ronson says:

    Greetings- I am in the Three Chopt/Patterson area and recently replaced my back yard grass with clover in addition to lots of vegetable plants and wild flowers. We are attracting lots of bees and would like to explore hosting a hive. Thanks

    • Rita Yeager says:

      I have been exploring the Richmond Beekeepers website and found this “host a hive” section. I took classes last winter through the Ashland Beekeepers Association so I am a newbie but eager to begin. My dilemma is that I live in an HOA neighborhood in the Short Pump area that won’t allow beehives. In a few weeks I will be applying to the state sponsored beehive distribution program lottery to get a hive or two, which means I need a place for them if I am selected. Would ideally like somewhere near to my home. This would be starting next spring. Could we discuss further? Thanks!
      Rita Yeager

  9. Barb Dawson says:

    Hi, I’d like to host a hive. I have a couple acres in goochland with neighboring wildflower fields.

  10. Patricia Wilmore says:

    Hi, I would love to host a hive. I live in Midlothian. VA

  11. Wendy Rountree says:

    I have snowdrops and Hellebores open now with more to come. I’d love to host a hive while I learn how to manage bees .

  12. Tracy Haines says:

    We have a farm in Varina, about 14 acres planted with cover crops. We would love to host bees.

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