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Bee Package and Nuc Information for 2022

Have packages, nucs or queens for sale? Contact the web admin to include your information here. Steve White.

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Twin Oaks Apiary Sold Out for 2022 (Lakeside/Henrico County) is offering overwintered nucs for sale with availability expected mid-March (weather permitting).

Compared to packages and Spring nucs, local overwintered nucs offer the best option for an early and robust start and the best possibility of a first-year honey crop. Includes a sturdy and experienced summer 2021 laying queen and family who will have survived winter and are poised for rapid growth.

Received Fall mite treatment and will receive an early Spring organic mite treatment (Oxalic acid vapor). All nucs feature Carniolan queens– selected and bred for gentleness, productivity, and winter survival (averaged 97% winter survival in 2019 and 2020). Available as 5 frame deep nucs (in a reusable plastic Jester transfer nuc box), and also offering a few 8 frame medium nucs. $250 each. $50 Deposit required to hold.

Most customers use Venmo for deposit. Cashapp and Paypal also accepted, as well as cash and checks. State inspection. Please email Ron Stilwell at to reserve, or call or text 804-839-1191. Questions welcomed. Note– Phone support for general advice available before and after pick-up.

Sold Out for 2022

Donovan’s Honey Hill

Locally overwintered nucs, available as soon as they prove themselves in the spring, usually around mid April. They consist of five medium frames in a well made wooden nuc box that is yours to keep for future use.

State inspected and no frame exchange.

The nucs will be well stocked with my grafted queens from my over 40 year old stock. Originally Italians but openly mated and selected from my best to establish a sturdy, gentle, productive and truly local breed. Selecting for mite resistance has paid off with zero to five percent losses in over 150 hives. The nucs will be well stocked with bees and the queen’s own brood, not thrown together or made up from multiple hives. A settled and well rounded colony to get you off to a great start. No foundation because they should be promptly hived in full size equipment to encourage their growth.

For more information or to place a deposit for one or more of their Nucs click here

David Stover is offering Five frame deep nucs and five frame medium nucs available for sale in late April/early May. Locally raised queens. I’ve started a waiting list. $150 for deeps and $140 for mediums. To be on the waiting list email me at:

BackFortyBees is located in Williamsburg Virginia and has been suppling bee packages, nucs and queens for years. BackFortyBees supplies 3-pound packages of Italian honey bees. Our packages have been issued a certificate of health by the state apiarist of Georgia and comply with all laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, confirming that they are free of disease. BackFortyBees is an experienced apiary and we have a successful track record of over many years supplying honey bees locally that will succeed for you. Their Bees can be picked up March 20 and May 15. You can order online at

Bob Gibson is taking orders for package bees and queens from Gardner Apiaries/Spell Bee Co. located in Bexley, GA.

Delivery Date is scheduled for March 24 (Thursday afternoon pickup). There is a second delivery scheduled for April 7, if there is enough interest in a second load he will get the bees for you. These dates could change based on weather.

Prices are $130 for a 3 pound package with Italian queen not marked, add $5 for a marked queen $35 for each Italian queen unmarked add $5 for a marked queen

Payments in your ordering 1-4 packages 100% is due when ordering. If your ordering 5 or more packages a 50% deposit when ordering and the balance is due March 15

Pickup location is 12497 Cedar Lane Ashland VA. You will be called when bees are ready to be picked up.

Send your order information to Robert Gibson 12497 Cedar Lane, Ashland VA 23005 804-798-3928 email

2022 Purebred Russians from Royall Bees! They are offering 3 Pound packages along with Nucs and Queens. Use the following codes for $10 off Nucs and Packages 22RBABEES and for 10% off queens 22RBAQUEENS. For each purchase made here they Royall Bees will contribute a portion of the sale to Richmond Beekeepers Association. Order on their web site

Our goal at Living Water is to help people help bees. To that end, we sell nucleus honeybee colonies to those looking to begin beekeeping.

At Living Water we don’t just sell bees, we walk through the process with you. When you purchase a nucleus colony from us, we offer a 3 week basics to beekeeping course to ensure you will be successful in caring for your hive and we are always available via email if you have any questions in the future.

Our nucleus colonies are 5 frame deep nucleus colonies grafted from our own local stock. Our colonies have high winter survival rate, very gentle disposition and are prolific honey producers.

Spring nucleus colonies are $180 and available throughout the spring and summer beginning in late April/early May, depending on weather. We also have a few overwintered nucs available earlier at $220 (Over Wintered Nucs for 2023 are now sold out), again depending on weather.

To reserve please fill out the form at

For questions e-mail

Nucs can be picked up at 1000 Westover Hills Blvd., Richmond, Va, 23225, when ready.

Tim Perkins from Virginia Honey Bees. 540-699-7644Going to Georgia.March 23 or 25

Selling package for $145.00

Tim will stop anywhere off I 95 for delivery

 Mike Sandridge From Ashland Beekeepers

Mike has spring package bees available at a cost of $115.00 to reach Mike his email is: