Report A Honey Bee Swarm

To report a Honey Bee Swarn please contact the Richmond Beekeepers Swarm Dispatcher Steve White. You can reach Steve on 804-337-9235.

Steve will dispatch a Richmond Beekeeper to safely remove the bees. The bees will be relocated to a local bee yard.

Please be ready to provide the following information:

What is the size of the swarm in relation to a ball, such as basketball, softball?

What is the address of where the swarm is located?

A contact name and number.

How high off the ground is the swarm?

If you feel safe taking a picture please send it.

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June 8th Meeting Elections and Extractions!

We will elect a new board at the June 8th meeting, if you’re interested in running for a position on the board don’t be afraid to raise your hand!

The program for the evening will be on extracting honey, the how to’s and the how not to’s…. This will be presented by Julie Waser and Samantha Forbes

The club does have an extractor, de=capping tank and a hot knife as a club member you can borrow to extract your honey crop this year!

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