Report A Honey Bee Swarm

To report a Honey Bee Swarn please contact the Richmond Beekeepers Swarm Dispatcher Steve White. You can reach Steve on 804-337-9235.

Steve will dispatch a Richmond Beekeeper to safely remove the bees. The bees will be relocated to a local bee yard.

Please be ready to provide the following information:

What is the size of the swarm in relation to a ball, such as basketball, softball?

What is the address of where the swarm is located?

A contact name and number.

How high off the ground is the swarm?

If you feel safe taking a picture please send it.

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Spring Nucs Available

If you’re looking for bees in spring Nuc’s reach out to either Twin Oaks Apiary or Donovan’s Honey Hill.

For Twin Oaks Apiary will have a limited number of medium Spring nucs available. The cost is $200, most customers use Venmo for a deposit. Cashapp and Paypal are accepted, as well as cash and checks. State inspection. Please email Ron Stilwell at to reserve, or call or text 804-839-1191. Questions welcomed.

For Donovan’s Honey Hill they will have medium nucs available. for $180. To order a nuc click here. The bees were originally Italians but have been openly mated and selected from my best to establish a sturdy, gentle, productive and truly local breed.

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