The Richmond Beekeepers Association is dedicated to the preservation of the art and science of beekeeping.  Established in 1949, it is the oldest beekeeping association in the Richmond Virginia area.  Members often share their knowledge and love of honeybees by presenting programs to interested groups.  If you are thinking of becoming a beekeeper, RBA will provide a valuable resource of experienced keepers who are always willing to share their knowledge.  Monthly programs will help you gain the knowledge you will need to keep your bees healthy and happy. If you are already a beekeeper, the association can give you a community of people who share you interest.



President – Wayne Surles wayne.surles@gmail.com 302-983-3349

Vice-President Programs – Steve White slwhite63@gmail.com 804-337-9235

2nd Vice-President – Ron Stilwell stilwellronald@gmail.com

Secretary -Julie Waser julie.waser@gmail.com  571-235-5836

Treasurer – Casey Turner RBAsocialmedia49@gmail.com

Newsletter – Nancy Essid bee.geek1@gmail.com

Webmaster – Steve White slwhite63@gmail.com 804-337-9235

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  1. Rick leary says:

    Thousands of bees, I think honey, just swarmed into a large tree in my front yard. Obviously I don’t want them there permanently, so can somebody come and round them up?

  2. George Lansing says:

    How do I post bee equipment for sale? I no longer have the time to competently care for bees. I have 5 deeps, 11 supers, lots of frames, used and new, wax for deeps and supers, swarm box, along with all associated tools acquired over 10 years. Am willing to offer good pricing, especially if you but it all.

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