April 13th Meeting Pollination and Plant Exchange

During the recent incredible PRACTICAL BEEKEEPING for BEGINNING BEEKEEPERS course organized by our very own. Ron Stilwell, Dr. Wayne Surles addressed the topic of Pollination, Floral Sources and Honeybee Nutrition. On April 13 at the RBA monthly meeting, he will abbreviate this class to focus on the evolutionary co dependence of our lovely lady (Apis mellifera) and flowering plants.

In addition, Wayne will add commentary on high quality nectar/pollen producing flowering plants and provide suggestions as to how we beekeepers can select desirable “pastures’ for supporting our colonies and actually provide desirable private plantings on our properties in order to attract a diversity of pollinators… especially honeybees.  A personal portion of his presentation will focus upon a walk through the backyard of a beekeeper/eco-oriented plant enthusiast…himself! Many of the plants that he discusses will be available on this night of the free plant exchange. Be there! 

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